At Mara Facility Services, our goal is to do such a thorough job that you never need to call us out twice for the same problem. We offer an integrated pest management approach which means tackling both the immediate infestation and the causes of infestation. 

By dealing with the underlying reasons for your pest problem we can prevent it happening again. As an example, all too many tenants and building owners will set traps or poison for pests such as mice and rats without considering structural issues, such as underfloor holes which provide access or unsecured food waste which feeds them. As a result, new waves of pests will follow with a distressing regularity causing hassle and expense each time.

Safe, non-toxic solutions

Removing the pests is the obvious first step. The pest control team at Mara Facility Services use eco-friendly, safe, non-toxic solutions to remove pests. We also work with your existing maintenance and security teams to ensure that programmes to prevent reinfestation are not only effective but easy to implement and maintain. 

We tailor our solutions to ensure that the building’s occupants are unharmed and to ensure that we – and your tenants – meet applicable health and safety standards. For this reason, it’s vital that you inform us of any unusual tenants such as exotic or free-ranging pets, commercial food preparation or any other individual or business that may be affected by our work.

We’ve seen it all before

With years of experience dealing with pest control in residential and commercial properties in and around London, we’ve dealt with pretty much every kind of pest out there. We specialise in the control and prevention of rats, mice, cockroaches, ants, bedbugs, fleas, flies, moths, wasps, squirrels and pigeons. You can also contact us for advice regarding more exotic or protected invaders, such as bats, foxes, hawks and other urban wildlife.

With such a wide of species to battle in buildings that range from 100-year-old red bricks to modern skyscrapers, the exact techniques we use will vary. By using a wide range of techniques from the obvious traps, poisons and nets through to recommending structural repairs and organizational changes, we’re able to provide our clients with effective solutions that not only deal with the immediate pest problem but prevent it recurring. 

We’re here when you need us

Many of our clients appreciate the convenience and reassurance that an ongoing contract with Mara Facility Services provides. While dramatic infestations may be rare, keeping watch for signs of trouble and maintaining the systems and devices that prevent infestation is essential routine maintenance. As an example, thousands of London buildings have anti-pigeon spikes installed and hundreds have pigeons nesting on top of the anti-pigeon spikes. The relentless energy of the pests needs a constant response from a skilled team.

At Mara Facility Services, we aim to use environmentally friendly techniques and products where appropriate. Our staff are all trained to BPCA standard and receive health and safety training in line with ISO 18001. Risk assessments, method statements and COSHH assessments are provided as appropriate.

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