Future Proof Sustainability


With the governments green policies shifting and changing on a regular basis, it can become difficult to keep up with the requirements of managed properties in these areas. Ultimately, there are 2 main areas to be addressed. Reducing energy consumption and reducing carbon waste.

By getting ahead of the game in these areas we can future poof our sustainability efforts and create financial, ecological and productive improvements whilst maintaining standards well beyond expected future requirements.
If we break down each of these targets separately, we can find opportunity in each one to create genuine ecological and financial benefits.

By switching to LED lighting, a property can save over 40% of their electricity bill and gain a return on investment in less than a year whilst maintaining or improving current lighting levels. Other such savings can be made when changing boilers, air conditioning units and other general appliances such as hoovers and hand driers for more energy efficient alternatives.

Switching to the use of Eco-friendly cleaning products can reduce carbon waste significantly, for example one property management company we assisted saved over 400 tons of carbon in 2015 alone. In extensive trials, we discovered that cleaning standards improved with the use of this kind of product as well. When you factor in the costs of using dilatable chemicals compared to ready to use products there can also be a financial saving of up to 95%.

If you factor in the ability for residents to reduce their carbon footprint by installing Electrical Vehicle charging units, offering a free recycling schemes for lamps and batteries or supplying them with information on how to combat these issues, you can turn government requirements into a positive, proactive movement and be seen as sustainability experts in the industry.


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