Many of us are often told about the benefits of upgrading to LED, below is a list of the ones I think are most important.

1. Financial Reward
Buildings today that have not upgraded to energy reduced lighting typically spend on average 30-40% of their electrical bill in this area. If you use a 50w bulb and reduce to 5w, then you reduce energy consumption by 90% and your electrical spend reduces significantly.

2. Maintenance Free
If you manage a building which has a maintenance contract, you can greatly reduce your bills because the LED Lamps carry such a long shelf life they are maintenance free and you don’t have to pay contractors to replace bulbs on a regular basis.

3. Lengthy Guarantee
Most LED bulbs and fittings come with around a 5 year guarantee ensuring that your investment into the technology is protected. It is always worth considering upgrading the fitting that the bulb is going into at a minor cost to the project. This will also be covered in the warranty but your existing fittings will not.

4. Return On Investment
With such a large reduction in energy bills, some lighting upgrades can facilitate a return on investment in as little as 8 months in some circumstances. This length of time can be calculated for each project prior to deciding on the upgrade options.

5. Improved Light Quality
In any LED lighting upgrade, optimal light quality should be at the forefront of any installation. Over time different wattage and style bulbs may be used in a standard light fitting, when you upgrade be sure to use a contractor who will tell you the appropriate light (LUX) levels required for optimal light quality as well as to cover any government regulations in workplaces or residential blocks that need to be considered.

6. Free Survey
If you can display a genuine intent to upgrade to LED, some contractors may waive the cost of a lighting survey. In most cases an energy assessment estimates on cost savings can be made with a fitting count along with some other details. Almost all contractors will charge for the survey however we offer them for free if the intent to upgrade exists.

7. 0% Loans for the public sector
Your building may qualify for a 0% interest loan to have the installation conducted. The repayments for the loan will be made from the energy savings you receive ensuring that at no time will the project leave you with a temporary negative cost. This is available to public sector buildings and schools.

8. Showcase the Installation
If the building receiving the upgraded is residential or rented to businesses, it can be an important factor when attracting new tenants and when discussing energy bills. This is also the case in meeting the needs and expectations of current tenants.

9. It’s good for the environment
When you step back from all of the financial benefits of upgrading to LED, it’s also worth remembering that you are making a genuine positive impact to the environment by consuming less energy.

10. You can have a pilot installation.
If you have many fittings in your building, but you don’t want to commit to a full installation until you know that it will look and feel right, you can upgrade a very small portion of the building as a pilot project and decide if you want to proceed further or not.

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