From the bottom – or from the top?

While most low-level buildings can be cleaned from the ground using extended reach brushes, cherry pickers and ladders, high rise buildings and skyscrapers typically require abseiling or slung cradle work. At Mara Facility Services, we offer both ground level and top down cleaning services. Working with the building owner or manager we determine which techniques are required for which parts of your building – in some cases, such as a school campus or office complex with buildings of multiple heights, various techniques might be required for different parts of the property.


Keeping your windows clean

Once the initial assessment and plan has been made, Mara Facility Services offer routine window cleaning at intervals determined by you, the customer. By arranging a schedule of services, we give you the secure knowledge that dirt, debris and grime won’t build up. This is particularly important for tenanted buildings as dealing with complaints and hiring an emergency cleaning crew to deal with a particular incident can be prohibitively expensive. Moreover, where building tenants change regularly (such as in a hotel) the gleam of the glass is a major factor in increasing the curb appeal of the property.


Safety in the skies

While some cleaning companies reportedly recruit unskilled labour for work on Britain’s tallest buildings, Mara Facility Services has a highly experienced team of IRATA trained technicians. We prioritize the safety of our technicians. By going beyond the minimum requirements in this area, we give them the security which allows them to better focus on providing an excellent service to our customers. By ensuring that all our access technicians are fully trained and qualified, we’ve created a team that can go the extra mile – and come down again, safely.


Don’t just take our word for it

All our high rise and other high risk work is risk assessed by an external health and safety consultant who is both GradIOSH qualified and MIIRSM certified. This standard part of our process ensures that we are able to offer accurate quotes, provide excellent ongoing service and meet the needs of our customers while ensuring the safety of our team, tenants of the facility in question and any third parties. Any special needs or difficult areas can be considered as part of this consultation.

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