Our professional services team offer high quality and cost effective solutions for any cleaning task whether as part of a regular contract, periodical maintenance or one off bespoke service.

Refuse Removal

Mara Facility Services provides collection services to remove all varieties of waste including general household and light construction, using either trucks or skip loaders.

One of our most common services is in the removal of refuse from sites after they have had a Health & Safety inspection, then requiring cupboards, lofts or basements cleared to meet approval.

Our dedicated team of friendly professionals ensure that there is minimal disruption to the site and are efficient and thorough to remove all waste.

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What happens to the waste from your site?

Once we collect from your site the waste is deposited at an environmental resource transfer station. It is then transferred by barge to Riverside Resource Recovery facility in Belvedere, Kent. This plant is an energy to waste plant which is self-sufficient. The plant exports 66MW of electricity into the National Grid, after using 6MW to run itself. It has the capability to power 100,000 homes.

The waste ash (IBA) is again transported by barge to the ash recycling plant in Tilbury. Here metals are extracted for recycling and the remaining IBA is turned into fine coarse aggregate to be used in a range of construction projects such as road building.

So that is what we do with your waste.

We are a registered waste carrier and are able to supply a controlled waste transfer certificate.

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Bin and Chute Cleaning

Mara Facility Services offers our clients a fast and efficient bin and chute cleaning service that complies with all the Environment Agency's regulations regarding the cleaning of waste containers. These regulations are designed to protect the environment.

We use a purpose built truck mounted wheelie bin with cleaning equipment.
The Bin Washing Chute Cleaner is a high pressure cleaning system that steam cleans, deodorises and disinfects all the internal surfaces of the bin chute.

Feminine Hygiene Services

Mara Facility Services are keen to provide the very best sanitary protection for women. Our range of ladies washroom products ensure that we can offer your business a discrete & attractive solution for your feminine hygiene needs. Our modesty bag dispensers provide a hygienic method to dispense modesty bags for the disposal of sanitary napkins into our sanitary bins. Our sanitary disposal services are discreet, hygienic and can be tailored to meet your specific requirements.

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